That Darn Rede

Certainly one of the most misleading tenets of the Craft for the seeker is the Rede, and there might be a longer article worth writing about it, yet I do think enough has been said about it for those who want to know.

YES- the Rede is part of the Craft (it is one of the first pages of the Book of Shadows after all)
YES- It is ONLY 8 words long- not a poem
NO- it is not a command, or law as such
YES- The word ‘rede’ means advice
YES- hopefully most would think that trying to harm none as far as possible is a good idea (and good advice) unless they are sociopaths.
YES- there seems to be a lot of sociopaths who blast the rede because it discourages harm
NO- It does not mean a witch will never harm, necessarily
NO- We cannot live by not harming anything.
YES- that Rede opens up a lot of cogitations about personal responsibility, which I think is it’s true core

That sums up my thoughts and beliefs about it, hope it is of assistance for those who wish to know.

Know Thyself
Bright Blessings