Beauty in the spoken word

mouth flower

‘Mouth of Flower’ by Merixon

Witchcraft teaches us consciousness. This ‘consciousness’ comes about in various areas of being, and on various levels. One often overlooked area, is in the way we speak. As initiates we try to be as conscious as we can, of the words coming out of our mouths. Words have power. It can change things. It can affect things.

As a seeker of the Alexandrian Tradition, a good place to start this awareness is in the way we communicate with each other or the Priesthood, whether in person or online. When we are communicating with each other in these instances, we are not a group of friends, neither are we on a socializing ‘witchy group’ spending our time posting memes…

In these instances we are entering a mindset which is set apart from the normal mundane world. We are entering with a mindset of being prospective initiates of the Craft of the wise, or at least out of curiosity. Curiosity is perfectly fine and acceptable, as long as with respect and good manners are remembered.

When we contact one of the Priesthood, it should be treated as a formal communication. A “howzit”; “whats up dude?’’, ‘Oi’, is not regarded as formal communication. The initiate will usually not correct this person, as it would be equally disrespectful to do so, but would rather reply in a dignified manner, hoping that the individual would take cue. Consciousness of the fact that one is working toward initiation, or at least better understanding of the Craft should always be present in communication. A standard ‘Hello’ or ‘Greetings’, is perfectly acceptable, followed by “Brightest Blessings” or if not that “Kind Regards”. This is especially important to keep in mind in written communication to initiates, for example a letter of request for initiation.

Initiates will NOT use ‘Blessed Be’ as a greeting with non initiates, as this is a special meaningful greeting and acknowledgment between initiates, stemming from a moment in the rite of initiation, that all initiates would have gone through.

In a world where very few things are held sacred, and manners are no longer held important, a consciousness of the way we interact and speak to others, might be a refreshing awareness for many, which might even enhance your life in the mundane.

In closing, I am reminded of those 3 qualities looked for in potential initiates, so often mentioned ; Vocation, Dedication and a sense for Beauty in all  things.


Brightest Blessings


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