The Derby Coven in Johannesburg

The Derby Coven is the first Traditional Alexandrian Witchcraft training Coven to be formed in South Africa. We facilitate Initiation and training in line with the original Alexandrian Covens in England, headed by Alex and Maxine Sanders (The London Coven and the Temple of the Mother and the later groups). The Priest who formed the Derby Coven was duly initiated, consecrated and dedicated to the works of Witchcraft in Boston, USA, where he also received formal training within the circle.

The Coven is currently considering those who feel they have vocation and the necessary dedication for the Alexandrian Witchcraft Priesthood, for initiation into the mysteries and subsequent training. Please contact for details about the application process.

As a training coven, we meet weekly for training and working circles, as well as the eight Seasonal Sabbats, connecting us with the rhythm and forces of the cosmos, and the inner mystery aspects of the Craft of the Wise. We also are dedicated to the study of Hermetic pathworking, the Ceremonial Magical Arts, Qabalah and the Pauline Art of Angelic Magic.

Please refer to the page ‘Requesting Initiation ‘ for more information .


8 thoughts on “The Derby Coven in Johannesburg

  1. Hi, can u join at any age?
    My sister and I are keen to explore deeper in this craft. I had started learning on my own for 8 months and my sister joined recently.

    We both worship Celtic gods and goddesses so I don’t know if that’s a problem?

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