Recommended Reading

We regularly get asked what we recommend seekers to read. Here is a selection enjoyed and recommended by the Derby Coven for both seekers and initiates

1. What Witches Do- Stewart Farrar

2. Fire Child -Maxine Sanders (Out of Print)

3. A Coin For The Ferryman- Jimahl Di Fiosa

4. A Voice in the Forest- Jimahl Di Fiosa

5. The Alex Sanders Lectures -Sanders (Out of Print)

6. Anything and Everything by Dion Fortune, but especially ‘Sea Priestess’, ‘Moon Magic’ and ‘The Mystical Qabalah’

7. King of the Witches: The World of Alex Sanders- June Johns (Out of Print, available as ebook PDF)

8. Maxine: Witch Queen- Maxine Sanders (Out of Print)

9 . A Spark in the Void- Apawaae/Len Roberts

10. The Book of Law- Daniel McDonald (Out of Print)

11. The Seedbearers Trilogy- Peter Valentine Timlett

12. Initiation into Witchcraft- Brian Cain

13. The Ecstatic Mother: Portrait of Maxine Sanders- Richard Deutch (Out of Print)

14. Born to be King (previously published as the Alex Sanders Notebook)

And for traditional Wicca in general

1. Witchcraft Today- Gerald Gardner

2. The Rebirth of Witchcraft- Valiente

3. Lid off the Cauldron- Patricia Crowther

5. Modern Wicca- Michael Howard

6. The Witch Cult in Western Europe- Murray

7. God of the Witches- Murray

8. Doreen Valiente:Witch- Philip Heselton

9. Aradia: The Gospel of the Witches- Leland

10. Natural Magic- Doreen Valiente

11. Doreen Valiente: Witch- Heselton

12. High Priestess: The Life and Times Of Patricia Crowther.

13. Dancing With Witches- Lois Bourne

14. Traditional Wicca: A Seeker’s Guide -Thorn Mooney

15. Gerald Gardner and the Cauldron of Inspiration-Philip Heselton

16. Wiccan Roots- Philip Heselton

Occult and Magic

1. Dion Fortune

2. W.E. Butler

3. William G. Gray

4. Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

5. David Goddard

6. Israel Regardie

7. J.H Brennan

8.Stephen Skinner

9. Agrippa

10. The Golden Bough- James Frazer

11. Ecstasies- Carlo Ginzburg

12. The Tree of Sapphires- David Goddard

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