The Altar of Sacrifice before the Temple Door Pt2

Apart from the topic regarding clashing egregores, it is perhaps worth to note that the Derby Coven is a training coven. In these types of covens, the focus of the work lies in the training of the initiate in the mysteries of Witchcraft and the Art Magical.

When someone asks us for Initiation, we expect that they are serious about their undertaking to become trained and initiated priesthood of the Craft, as well as to become effective magical practitioners. Training is quite rigorous, involving daily magical regimen as well as weekly circle nights, Sunday lecture sessions, and the 8 Sabbats. This type of training leaves little, if any time for venturing and exploration in other traditions, especially during the period of the First degree training which last a minimum of 2 years in our coven. We commend the person who is able to live a life, keep up with their training in witchcraft and be involved with other spiritual practices – it is however a feat we are unconvinced to be possible.

Many Alexandrian witches, us included, have an inclination to be Occultists as well. Naturally and most definitely, we practice different systems of magic within our coven, such as the Pauline Art, Hermetics, Planetary and other forms of ritual magic. This is usually after at least a year’s training, preparing the initiate to make conscious desicions regarding what magical practice is alignment with the tenets and frequency of the workings of the Craft and our coven. We consider ourselves always as Priesthood first, a lifelong pursuit of Truth and magic within the context of the decision to have requested Initiation into the Craft.

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